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Khomus by Bygynanov P. N. in a wooden cover (YKh22d)

Place of manufacture: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Tongue length: 89 mm
Hardness: soft, medium
Material: steel
Package: khomus + wooden case (open)

Description:: Professional Yakut khomus from master Bygynanov.
The quality of the instrument produces only positive emotions - a classic shape, accurately calibrated proportions, each surface is polished to a mirror finish, looks aesthetically pleasing to the touch. The sound of the khomus lies mainly in the middle range. The gradient of the overtones has a small unevenness, which gives the khomus an interesting timbral color.
The sustain is not too long, provoking the game on average and fast pace.
Khomus is very unpretentious to the quality and accuracy of the fight. A somewhat uneven sound comes from a two-sided fight, which is an additional option for experienced Varangian players, which makes it possible to diversify the sound.
A beginner can also cope with this instrument, but a person with a more rich experience of communicating with the Varganas will appreciate.

Recommendations : Beginners, Continuing, Professionals

Artisan: Bygynanov Prokopy Nikitich
Availability: No

Price: 8000,00 RUB