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. Cases For Mouth Harps. Case for the mouth harp by Potkin - the Altaian (ChAKPP2)

Origin Country: Russian Federation, Altai Republic, Gorno-Altaisk

Made especially for:Mouth harp by Potkin Pavel (AKPP1)
Also is suitable for mouth harps: with a dimensional length of 55-65 mm, and with a dimensional width up to 32 mm. In particular for the following models: Mouth harp by Potkin Vladimir (AKVP1).

Material: cedar
Set: just case

Description: The case is recommended to be bought if you are accustomed to carry the mouth harp with you. The case will protect a mouth harp from casual mechanical damages and as much as possible will prolong mouth harp service life. The mouth harp is rigidly fixed in a cover by means of a leather lace therefore the mouth harp will never fall out of such case. The pleasant form of a cover brings to his owner esthetic pleasure.

Attention! Before extending a leather lace to get from under it a mouth harp, move a bead which fixes it. Pull the lace smoothly and try not to hook on a lace with nails. So the lace will serve longer.

Artisan: Potkin Pavel Petrovich
Availability: Yes

Price: 320,00 RUB