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. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus by Gotovtsev I. N. (YKh5)

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Origin Country:Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Namsky ulus

Reed length:80 mm
Rigidity:soft, average
Set:khomus + wooden cover

Description:This Yakut khomus isn't traditional. It is made on the patented technology of the master Gotovtsev I. N. and has essential differences from khomuses other masters both in a design and in sounding. Sound is very powerful, sated with overtones on all range, loud, on character slightly aggressive. Other things being equal features, of khomuses by Gotovtsev will always give out the greatest loudness and a sounding saturation. Thanks to features of author's technology, a gap between a reed and the case at khomuses by Gotovtsev - the smallest among all Yakut masters. Thus the rigid case practically isn't deformed that allows not to distract on how you hold khomus during play. Very long attenuation of a reed, it is most sensitive to any articulation, is suitable for play at any speed.

Recommendations:beginners, continuings, professionals

Artisan: Gotovtsev Innokenti Nikitich - Hohuun Uus
Availability: No

Price: 7000,00 RUB


khomus, 24.03.2011 20:54:50
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