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Лавка. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus By Pavlov (YKh29)

Place of manufacture : Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Tongue length: 94 mm
Stiffness: Medium, soft
Material: steel
Package : khomus + wooden open case

Description: This tool is made in the best traditions of Yakutian carburation - smoothly polished body, geometrically perfect contours and facets, symmetrical rounding radius of the carabiner body.
Aluminum decorative cover, serving as an additional edge of stiffness, is decorated with a stylized image horse.
A perfectly balanced tongue, precisely adjusted gaps and an interestingly tuned sound - overtones far from the main tone sound very brightly and loudly. Altogether we hear two loud tones at the same time, which gives the khomus a slightly rumbling, pleasantly grumbling timbre.
Good sustain and decent work with various breathing techniques.
Articulation can also be played for a long time - good responsiveness of the tongue when playing in any the volume gives a wide field for fantasy.
While testing the khomus, trying to diversify the methods of combat as much as possible, I was not able to detect any flaws - symmetrical sound with a two-sided combat and the complaisance of character forgives even the most rude or bunk Consider the inaccuracy of the battle. A good range of speeds, if you can so express it, allows you to play in a wide range of tempos.
The instrument gradually takes a deep interest in its capabilities and even a beginner can cope with it, if it is visited by the idea to purchase a professional tool from the very beginning.
Well, , of course, a reliable wooden case, made specifically for this khomus, is a pleasant and correct addition.

Recommendations: Continuing, Professionals, Collectors

Artisan: Pavlov I. T. - Utum Uus
Availability: No

Price: 10000,00 RUB