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. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus by Chemchoyev R. G. (YKh7)

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Origin Country: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Vilyuysk

Reed length: 80 mm
Rigidity: average
Material: steel
Set: khomus + wooden case (open)

Description: Perfect khomus both on sounding, and on appearance. The decorative plate with drawing serves not only like an ornament, it also gives to the frame of khomus an additional rigidity. In turn it allows to expose very narrow gap between a reed of khomus and it _, achieving thus very juicy overtones on all range of sounding. One of the most rare Yakut khomus. The master Chemchoyev R. G. won nearly two decades victories at all competitions of masters held in Yakutia. Remaining within a traditional form Yakut , it directed the research researches on work with a . As a result he created a special design of a reed, having created thereby the whole school of production Yakut khomus (successors of this school known masters - Maltsev, Osipov, Kolodeznikov and many others nowadays). Homus perfectly is suitable for play in both parties, at any speed. (21.01.2012)

Recommendations: continuings, professionals, collectors

Artisan: Chemchoyev Revory Gavrilyevich - Chomchoo Uus
Availability: Yes

Price: 14000,00 RUB