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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Russian vargan by Borisov - "Yormungand" (RVBY)

Place of manufacture: Russia
Length of the tongue: 92 mm
Hardness: Soft
Material: body - brass, tongue - steel
Set: vargan + wooden case (open)

An interesting tool from the master Borisov. Vargan is a classical form, the body of which is made of brass. On the front surface there is an image of Jormungand (sometimes written by Yormungand) - World Snake from Scandinavian mythology.
The instrument has a loud enough sound, the spectrum of overtones is located in the middle and high frequency ranges. Sustain is smooth and powerful, easily maintained by breathing. The articulatory and breathing techniques of the game are qualitative, sensitive to changes in volume - rings in small and beautifully sings in the throat.
Concerning the battle, we can say the following: symmetrically sounds with a two-sided fight, very well given battle "on yourself", disposes as to slow, and to fast game. But at the same time, it should be noted that the garment requires attention and it is necessary to get used to its peculiarities. This is easily compensated by the pleasure from the babbling sound of the instrument and a powerful sensation after its "swing."
With the harp set there is a very nice and comfortable cover made of pear tree, with ornamented and note of sound.

Recommendations: Beginners, Continuing, Professionals

Artisan: Borisov
Availability: No

Price: 6500,00 RUB