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. Indian Morsings. "Round" Morsing, average quality (IM3)

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Origin Country: India, Rajasthan

Reed length: 93 mm (all length is 114 mm)
Rigidity: average and very hard
Material: steel
Set: jaw harp (without case)

Description: Entry-level Morsing, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the tradition of making Indian Morsinges and practice management with a very hard reed. At first glance it seems that it has nothing to offer us, but this is not quite so. This harp has a high-frequency range of sound and initially has a high-speed game. But the slow and average tempo are completely subservient to it, creating quite pleasant compositions, especially vividly perceived, colored with stop-times and changes of rhythms. It perceives articulation and breathing quite well during the play, but due to the size of the gaps, it doesnt start on the spot, while inhaling, as most Morsings do, it needs to be helped a little by the beat. It has a rather long, though not very strong sustain. The harp is not too loud and not very broadband, which allows you to play simple melodies on it anywhere without disturbing others. The instrument is absolutely not exacting to the quality and accuracy of the beat, allowing you to play any style, without touching the frame. In this price category and high-altitude range is a worthy competitor to more expensive models.

Recommendations: beginners, continuing

Artisan: Musical instrument's workshop in India
Availability: No

Price: 550,00 RUB