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. Japanese Kou Kins. "Kiyakon" kou kin by Yamazaki Takashi, Japan

Origin Country:Japan

Reed length: 56 mm
Material: steel with titanium nitride coating
Set:mouth harp

Description: This tiny kou kin doesnt let go of it entirely: it draws on it endlessly to play simple melodies. It is a very elegant model, made of steel and coated with titanium nitride. It shines brightly in the light, it looks like a little jewel. The reed is beautifully braided with a thin and durable cord. Its musical qualities are not inferior to its appearance. It sings gorgeous in the upper range of overtones. It works very clearly and sensitively with articulation and breathing. The kou kin has a good sustain for such a short reed. It has a loud, sonorous, but very pleasant voice. Despite the soft reed, it is quite loyal to the accuracy of the beating, although the beat "on yourself" still turns out a little more sonorous and more accurate.

Recommendations: beginners, continuing, professionals, collectors

Artisan: Yamazaki Takashi
Availability: No

Price: 10000,00 RUB