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. Hungarian Dorombs. "Archeo" Hungarian doromb (VV30)

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Origin Country: Hungary, Kecskemet

Reed length: 80 mm
Rigidity: soft
Material: steel with bluing
Set: jaw harp

Description: This model repeats most of the features of the Yakut khomus, but with a Hungarian flavor. The cross-sectional area of the decks gradually decreases from the ring to the ends, the reed has a pronounced trapezoidal shape. One of the richest in overtones, while its sound is characterized by crackling. Very sensitive to articulation and breathing, great for playing at any pace and with a bilateral beat. In general - it is a very high quality versatile jew harp of professional level.

Recommendations: continuing, professionals

Artisan: Siladi Zoltan
Availability: No

Price: 3550,00 RUB