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Лавка. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus Khristoforova I.I. - "Min'on" (YKh116-KCh)

Place of manufacture : Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Length of the tongue : 63 mm
Stiffness : Medium, Hard
Material : steel
Set : khomus + artificial leather pouch

Description: : A miniature ringed khomus from the Yakut master Khristoforov.
The instrument turned out to be loud, brightly firing high overtones, if I may say so - slightly "snooty". The sound spectrum is uniform, not overloaded.
The khomus has a rather long sustain for its size and the rigidity of the tongue, which further enhances its capabilities.
The tongue is significantly sensitive to articulation, which is especially interesting when playing in small volumes. Vargan unusually beautifully sings "in the throat", responsive to various breathing techniques.
To the quality and accuracy of the fight is loyal, symmetrical when playing in both directions.
Playing music on this instrument is pleasant in any rhythm, but still he is more inclined to speed play.

Recommendations: Beginners, Continuing, Professionals

Artisan: Khristoforov Ivan Ilyich - Kiriheen Uus
Availability: No

Price: 3400,00 RUB