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. Russian Vargans. "Standard, average" russian vargan by Dyomin

Origin: Vladimir region

Reed length: 65 mm
Rigidity: Average
Material: steel
Set: Vargan

Description: Master Victor Dyomin created several of his unique lines of vargans in the lower price segment, expanding the selection of decent quality instruments at an affordable price. The Standard, average refers to the Standar model and differs from its small counterpart in the overall size and rigidity of the reed. This is an instrument that sounds in medium tones, not the loudest and with not very long sustain. But these features of it are easily compensated by the good responsiveness of the reed to articulation and breathing, interesting sound when the volume of the larynx changes, as well as absolute loyalty to the quality and accuracy of the beat. Vargan is symmetrical in a bilateral beat, it is pleasant to practice triols and other beating techniques that require high-speed movements. For beginners, the harp will be ideal as an instrument for learning, and professionals will appreciate the set of its options.

Recommendations: Beginner, Continuing, Professionals.

Artisan: Dyomin Victor
Availability: Yes

Price: 1000,00 RUB