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. Tatar Kubyzes. "Small " Kubyz by Vakhitov (KT2)

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Origin Country: Republic of Tatarstan

Reed length: 50 mm
Rigidity: rigid
Material: steel
Set: mouth harp

Description: The main advantage of this mouth harp is that you can play as fast rhythms as you can. The short and hard reed is remarkable for this. In this case, you can not particularly care about the accuracy of the beat. However, with proper breathing skills, you can play melodic melodies at an average pace. The gap is minimal, the attenuation is quite fast, the sound is high and piercing. It has a symmetric sounds when beating in both directions.

Recommendations: beginners, continuings, professionals

Artisan: Vakhitovy Kamil and Timur
Availability: No

Price: 1600,00 RUB