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Лавка. Russian Vargans. "Sun" russian vargan by Ustinov

Origin: Moscow, Russia

Reed length: 93 mm
Rigidity: average, rigid
Material: brass
Set: mouth harp in a case

Description: The instrument is pleasant both aesthetically and kinesthetically, that is, it is pleasant to look at it and it is also pleasant to hold it in your hands. It is polished to a mirror shine, all its edges and contours are smooth and graceful. The convenient shape of the frame allows you to firmly hold the vargan in your hand. Accurate gaps, long and powerful sustain, soundly made and well-balanced reed. Vargatron is very loyal to the accuracy of the beat, symmetrical in a bilateral beat. Direct and inverse triols are easily obtained. The sound of the instrument is densely saturated with melodic medium and sonorous high overtones. It resonates beautifully with changes in the volume of the throat. Vargatron easily swings when playing. All these qualities allow you to play music that is different in pace and melody. A sufficiently rigid reed disposes to the play at a fast pace, but it also produces excellent sound at slow rhythms. Vargatron does not reveal its qualities immediately, gradually opening up more and more new opportunities.

Recomendations: beginners, continuing, professionals, collectors

Artisan: Ustinov Victor
Availability: No

Price: 40000,00 RUB