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Ћавка. Russian Vargans. "Parsec" russian vargan by Ustinov

Origin: Moscow

Reed length: 92 mm
Rigidity: average
Material: blackened steel
Set: mouth harp in a closed case

Description: Another "heroic" harp by the famous master Ustinov. The instrumint is very beautiful and tactfully delight kinesthetics. Classic, perfectly made, frame body. The body of the vargan is more than half a centimeter thick and weighs about 62 grams. A reed of medium stiffness, rounded in weight. These qualities determine a certain manner of playing and the sound of the instrument - with a measured, unhurried play, it is rather deaf, but if it is more difficult to УrockФ it, it responds with sonorous, high harmonics. Long, quality sustain. Allows you to play at any pace, but is more responsive to articulation when playing at a fast pace. At the same time, it is completely not demanding on the accuracy of the beat, easily allowing you to change the direction of the battle on the go, play trioli, improvise with the direction of the blow on the reed. Sounds symmetrical in a bilateral beat. The vargan will delight beginners and will be appreciated by professionals.

Artisan: Ustinov Victor
Availability: Yes

Price: 14000,00 RUB