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. Hungarian Dorombs. "Daisy cutter" hungarian doromb (VV10)

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Origin Country: Hungary, Kecskemet

Reed length: 85 mm
Rigidity: soft
Material: steel (chromeplated covering)
Set: jaw harp
Inharmonic harmonics are not a tautology, but a harsh reality that the musician, who takes on this vargan, will have to deal with. The beats are applied to a mustache attached to the reed. The body is made of hardened steel wire, and therefore is quite reliable and resistant to plastic deformation. In other words - it is quite difficult to bend it. It is due to this additional moustache that the nonharmonic nature of the main reed oscillations is provided, and also allows to apply a number of unique techniques in the play, which the mouth harps without the moustache cannot have. With the help of these techniques you can get a number of unique sounds that will diversify your musical experiments.

Recommendations: professionalsand experimentators

Artisan: Siladi Zoltan
Availability: No

Price: 9450,00 RUB