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. Tatar Kubyzes. "Standard " Kubyz by Vakhitov (KT8)

Reed length: 60 mm
Rigidity: soft
Material: steel
Set: mouth harp

Description: One of the best bent mouth harps in its price range. The gap is set very small, so the play on this mouth harp requires high accuracy of the beat, but in return, the varganist gets very rich sound with a wide range of overtones. It responds well to any articulation, and a properly balanced reed makes it possible to play at a measured pace, due to a long decay, and at a fairly fast pace, due to the verified dynamics of the reed. It provides a symmetric sound when beating in both directions.

Recommendations: continuing, professionals

Artisan: Vakhitovy Kamil and Timur
Availability: No

Price: 1600,00 RUB