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. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus by Prokopyev A. Y. (YKh4)

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Origin Country:Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk

Reed length: 90 mm
Rigidity: soft, average
Material: steel
Set: khomus + a wooden cover (closed)

Description: Khomuses by Prokopyev have very graceful appearance and pleasant melodious sounding. Sound boards ofkhomus are strongly narrowed close to the top that adds high overtones. Thanks to well balanced reed, this khomus has quite long attenuation and is suitable for play at any pace. At the most khomuses by Prokopyev the sound is symmetric at beat to itself and from itself. Sometimes copies with an asymmetrical sound come across, but at due skill it can be used as "feature" (useful feature). (20.01.2012)

Recommendations: beginners, continuings, professionals

Artisan: Prokopyev Alexander Yakovlevich
Availability: No

Price: 4500,00 RUB