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. Altay Komuses. "Small" mouth harp by Vladimir Potkin (AKVP1)

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Origin Country:Gorno-Altaisk, Altai Republic, Russian Federation

Reed length: 60 mm
Rigidity:soft, average
Material: body - brass, reed - steel
Set:mouth harp

Description: The small size of this accurately made mouth harp and optimum gap size allow a beginner of any age master all main methods of sound extraction quickly. It has pleasant melodious soundings, harmonious high overtone. For rather small length of a reed, it has quite long attenuation. It is suitable to play on the average and fast speed, including bilateral beat.

Recommendations: beginners, continuing, professionals

Artisan: Potkin Vladimir Petrovich
Availability: No

Price: 500,00 RUB


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