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. Indian Morsings. "Khomus" morsing by Gorharam (IMGH)

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Origin Country: India, Rajasthan

Reed length: 83 mm
Rigidity: average
Material: frame - brass, reed - steel
Set: jaw harp (without case)

Description: This mouth harp is interesting with yakut and indian jaw harps combined qualities. The master repeated a classical yakut form of the frame, but the reed remained Indian. As a result the jaw harp turned out with a wide range of sounding, but with emphasis on high overtones and dynamics of the typical Hindu. That is it disposes to play at fast speed and a small articulation in small volume also. Demands confident skill of beat.

Recommendations: continuings, professionals, collectors

Artisan: Mokhanlal
Availability: No

Price: 2000,00 RUB