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Лавка. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus by Komissarov - "Big" (YKh16-2)

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Place of manufacture: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Tongue length: 88 mm
Stiffness: Medium, Hard
Material: steel
Package: khomus + wooden case (open)

Description: Khomus from the well-known Yakut master Komissarov.
The instrument is of a classical form, it is conveniently held in the hand. The gaps between the frame and the tongue are made with a high degree of accuracy.
Vargan is easy to swing to a very loud sound. The spectrum of overtones lies, for the most part, in the mid-range.
Khomus qualitatively works with articulatory and breathing techniques of the game, in small volumes giving out loud voices high overtone.
The quality and accuracy of the battle is very tolerable, allowing you to play on it passages of considerable complexity and speed, without touching the tab on the frame.
A worthy, interesting sounding instrument.

Recommendations: Beginners, Continuing, Professionals

Artisan: Komissarov Gavril Nikolaevich
Availability: No

Price: 9000,00 RUB