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. Indian Morsings. "Round" Morsing, high quality (IM4)

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Origin Country: India

Reed length: 80 mm (working part), 110 mm (dimensional length)
Rigidity: rigid
Material: steel (with the chromeplated covering)
Set: jaw harp

Description: This morsing is very close with a quality to a professional morsing, exept slightly less melodious. One should play on it generally beat to itself, the blow from itself gives a low sound with parasitic vibrations on many morsings. It is very exacting to blow accuracy. It has a bright effect of "swing". Sounding is pure, loud, sated with high overtones. It is suitable for average and fast rates of play. (22.09.2012)

Recommendations: continuing, professionals

Artisan: Musical instrument's workshop in India
Availability: No

Price: 700,00 RUB