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. Hungarian Dorombs. "Orion" hungarian doromb - (VV6)

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Origin Country:Hungary, Kecskemet

Reed length:105 mm
Material:steel (blued covering)
Set:jaw harp

Description by the master:booming and volume sounding combines with a heavy case so that a varganist very quickly makes freindship with this jaw harp.

Description by Khomus.ru:This model works generally in area of low overtones though a skilled jaw harp player will be able to reach the high. The bass, slightly crackling peals passing into a pure overtone on long attenuation, define contemplate character of this doromb. Despite of a very long reed, on this model is possible to play at any speed, but fast playing will require faultless equipment of beat.

Recommendations:continuing, professionals

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Artisan: Siladi Zoltan
Availability: No

Price: 4450,00 RUB