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. Yakut Khomuses. Khomus by Maltsev M. N. (YKh8)

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Origin Country: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Vilyuysk
Reed length: 90 mm
Rigidity: average
Material: steel
Set: khomus + wooden case (open)

Description: Maltsev M. N. is Chemchoyev's R. G. pupil. This is a reason why khomuses on manufacturing techniques are very close to khomuses by Chemchoyev. Thus the master managed to reach absolutely original sounding of the khomuses. Every khomus by Maltsev is made with a very high precision thanks to what sounding is incredibly rich with overtones. Nature of sounding - melodious, melodious, space. Average rigidity of a reed and long attenuation of a sound allow to execute with identical ease both fast and slow folk tunes. Is ideally suited for bilateral beat. In 2011 Maltsev M. N. won the first place at the international competition of masters.

Recommendations: continuings, professionals, collectors

Artisan: Maltsev Mikhail Nikolaevich - Kylaan Uus
Availability: No

Price: 12000,00 RUB


stephane balasa, 25.08.2016 14:37:46
stephane balasa,
Invoice 1418 (10.08.2016 16:42:49) 10 310,00 RUB 1 10 310,00 RUB
j'ai envoyer par PAI-PAL un paiement de 10 310,00 RUB à support@khomus.ru.
????????? :cry:
stephane balasa, 16.08.2016 11:47:57
Hello. I would like to be informed of 1418 order please. thank you
, 09.01.2014 23:21:06
, , khomus@mail.ru.
Den, 06.10.2013 19:53:49