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. Hungarian Dorombs. "Tibet" hungarian doromb (VV7)

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Origin Country: Hungary, Kecskemet

Reed length: 115-120 mm
Rigidity: very soft
Material: steel (chromeplated or blued covering)
Set: jaw harp

Description by the master: Infrasonic instrument. Basic tone is in range from 4 to 16 Hertz, but sound of overtone in a little higher octaves. Instrument has meditative character. Being the unusual instrument, nevertheless it is capable to form very solid and rich sound. Demands a due physical form and patience.

The description by Khomus.ru: for total use of opportunities of this model it is necessary to use all the volume of a throat and try to operate this volume consciously. Also demands to use a deep and powerful breath which however necessary to learn to use in that measure which is required for the correct strengthening of sounding of this jaw harp. It has the most bass sounding from all models of dorombs. Most of all it is suitable for measured playing, but playing on the average speed is also possible.

Recommendations: continuing, professionals

Alsoread :Dorombs - the Hungarian jaw harps. General characteristic and short review.

Artisan: Siladi Zoltan
Availability: No

Price: 5700,00 RUB