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Ћавка. Russian Vargans. "Satellite, large" russian vargan by Dyomin

Origin: Vladimir region

Reed length: 78 mm
Rigidity: soft
Material: steel
Set: Vargan

Description: A vargan with a soft reed and a juicy sound, almost a classic shape. A convenient instrument that shows good abilities during the play when working with articulation and breathing, having good quality sustain. The accuracy of the beat is a little more demanding than the two younger models of this series, but it allows you to get used to its features with a more detailed acquaintance with it. Symmetrical in bilateral beat. The instrument is more playable at a slow and medium pace, but when accelerating the beat can УplayФ along the frame due to the softness of the reed.

Recommendations: Beginner, continuing, professionals.

Artisan: Dyomin Victor
Availability: Yes

Price: 1800,00 RUB