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. Yakut Khomuses. "Medium" Khomus by Hristoforov I. I. in a closed case (YKh10-1)

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Origin Country:Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Kangalassky ulus

Reed length: 80-90 mm (depending on a note)
Rigidity: average, high
Material: steel
Set: khomus + wooden case

Description: In the "middle" model of Khristoforov`s khomus, soft reeds are extremely rare. Basically, all his khomuses have reeds of medium and high rigidity. For this reason, it is hard for novice player to begin to appreciate this khomus. But if the technique of your beat is sufficiently honed, then you can safely take on Khristoforov's khomuses. Khomus is well "swinging" and begins to vibrate literally all, for a very long time it keeps the sound. The timbre of sound is harmonious, smooth, without sharp high sounds. Good handling, which, incidentally, requires a very clear articulation. Suitable for a fast and slow play, it sounds symmetrically in both directions. This model is tuned by the master to a wide range of notes - from the C-controcade to the Sol of the main octave. Therefore, the nature of the sound in the samples of sound can vary greatly.

Recommendations: continuings, professionals

Artisan: Khristoforov Ivan Ilyich - Kiriheen Uus
Availability: No

Price: 5000,00 RUB