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. Russian Vargans. "Shine" russian vargan by Nazarov

Origin Country: Russia

Reed length: 78 mm
Rigidity: soft, average
Material: stainless steel
Set: mouth harp

Description: This instrument shows that it was carefully and lovingly worked on: the surfaces are perfectly polished, and the shape of the frame has a lot of transitions and bends, which adds aesthetics to its appearance. The authors signature is engraved on the reed, and the note of the instruments sounding is indicated on the reverse side. The instrument sounds low and rich, easily produces both low and high overtones. It is sensitive to the slightest nuances of articulation, but it can also harshly tear the air. The reed responds easily to breathing, the harp has a rich and long sustain. Despite minimal gaps and a soft reed, the instrument is not demanding on the quality and accuracy of the beat, which adds points to it. Symmetrical when playing a bilateral beat. A very high-quality instrument that allows you to play both fast and slow melodies.

Recomendations: beginners, continuers, professionals, collectioneers

Artisan: Nazarov Ivan
Availability: No

Price: 4800,00 RUB