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. Bashkir Kubyzes. Kubyz by Rakhimgulov (BK5)

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Origin Country:Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation

Reed length: 50-60 mm (depending on the note)
Rigidity:soft, average
Material: body - brass, reed - steel
Set: mouth harp (a case can be ordered additionally)

Description: It has a distinct, high and surround sound. Despite its small size, it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. According to the Bashkir tradition, the reed is bent slightly outwards, which makes it possible to wind it up with the help of a breath. The gaps are set large enough, which makes the kubyz suitable for beginners, as well as for children, as it requires minimum accuracy of the beat. Suitable for bilateral play. All vargans are tuned to certain notes, so if you need a specific note, then you should mention it in the comments to the order.

Recommendations: beginners, continuing

Artisan: David Rakhimgulov
Availability: No

Price: 1000,00 RUB


Alexandros Angouroudis, 12.09.2019 23:00:01
- 50 60 ?
Alexandros Angouroudis, 12.09.2019 18:56:46
The second sound sample of the three samples is it produced by the 50mm or the 60mm model?