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Лавка. Hungarian Dorombs. "Black fire" hungarian doromb (VV3)

Образцы звучания:
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Origin Country: Hungary, Kecskemet

Reed length: 65-95 mm (depending on a note) 
Rigidity: soft 
Material: steel (chromeplated covering) 
Set: jaw harp

Description by the master: A strong and valuable sound material unites with a massive and decisive form. Beginners will find joy in its easy applicability while virtuosos will note its hogh degree of fleibility. It is a sure and reliable partner in any register.

Description by Khomus.ru: One of the most popular dorombs. Loud sound is rich with overtones, it is very sensitive to breath. It is suitable for fast and slow playing.

Recommendations: continuing, professionals

Also read: Dorombs - the Hungarian jaw harps. General characteristic and short review.

Artisan: Siladi Zoltan
Availability: Yes

Price: 3000,00 RUB