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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Vagran's music set, by the Glazyrin - "Fairy Tale", 8 notes (NVG8S)

Place of manufacture: Snezhinsk

The lengths of the tongues: 80 mm (notes Do, Re and Mi of the 2nd octave), 73 mm (notes Fa, Sol, La 2nd octave), 58 mm (C 2-octave note and Up to the 3rd octave)
Rigidity of tongues: medium, hard
Material: stainless steel
Kit: 8 harp + closed wooden case

A set of notated vagrants Glazyrina is a real find for performers on the harp, musical groups using the harp in their repertoire, as well as all people who create music in any way.
Each warband is tuned exactly in a note, and the properties of the tongue material guarantee the preservation of the wargan's structure for a long time.
Professional balancing of the tabs ensures a long-term quality attenuation of the sound of each harp from the set, and allows you to play all the Varganas in any tempo - from the measured to the high-speed.
The design of the caravans is made in authentic Russian style, fully justifying the name of the set.
The timbre of all the harpies is very rich, harmonious and not "overloaded".
The sound is symmetrical in a two-way combat.

References: : Continuing, Professionals

Artisan: Glazyrin Dmitry
Availability: Yes

Price: 22000,00 RUB