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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Russian vargan by Volgutov E. V. - "Bochag" (VVE7bch)

Place of origin: Abakan

Length of the tongue: 83 mm
Stiffness: medium, soft
Material: steel blued
Set: harp (cover can be ordered separately)

Description:Harp with enough low sound, multipurposal, has a soft timbre and a high quality long sound. Sound is full of overtones across the spectrum, but not overloaded.
The optimum gap allows quick start of playing this instrument for beginners, but even when You become an experienced performer, this harp still be your favourite instrument.
High sensitivity to any articulation and breathing. The sound is symmetrical with bilateral beat. Suitable for playing at any tempo.
The difference between model "Sage" of the same master is that soundboard of "Bochag" has a constant cross-sectional area, while the "Sage" soundboard taper toward the tip. Due to this difference spectrum of overtones by "Bochag" less saturated than by "Sage".

Recommendations: for beginners, intermediate, professionals

Artisan: Volgutov Evgeny Vladimirovich
Availability: Yes

Price: 1400,00 RUB


Daniel Porras, 06.07.2018 14:09:00
Please, can you tell me if the audio of Bochag in this link corresponds to a key of B? I liked that sound? And what key do you recommend? Thanks.