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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Russian vargan by Holny - "Batman" (RVH2bch)

Place of manufacture : Snezhinsk

Tongue length : 80 mm
Hardness : soft, medium
Material : stainless steel
Tones are available: C #, D
Set : Wargan (case can be ordered separately)

  Description : this model of the harpoon can be reliably attributed to one of the leaders in the quality / price ratio. Conveniently lies in your hand, perfectly balanced tongue allows you to play at any tempo, and features of the body structure increase the damping time of the tongue in comparison with the harp with classic body shapes. The sound is loud, bright and full. In general, vargan - a universal character.
  Recommendations : For beginners, pros, professionals

Artisan: Kholny
Availability: No

Price: 2600,00 RUB