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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Russian vargan by Glazyrin - "Duet" (Two reed) (VG2Ya)

Place of manufacture: Snezhinsk

Length of tongues: 80 mm
Hardness: Medium, Hard
Material: stainless steel
Set: The harp

Description :
Bright, loud, rich sound, characteristic for the vagans of Glazyrin. Of all the dvuhyazichkovyh vargans created before the advent of this model, this harp is the loudest and most convenient in the game. Nevertheless, you need to have a lot of experience playing on the harp, in order to be able to adapt to the game on two reeds - be prepared to reconsider your habitual approaches to the harp. Requires a confident fight and clear articulation, but when these conditions are met, you can play both separately and on 2 tongues at once.
Tongues are configured in an interval (there are different options). The character of the sound is cutting, "cosmic". It has complex interesting vibrations due to the interaction of 2 tongues.
Fast dynamics, combined with a long attenuation, allows you to play this harp at any speed. The sound is symmetrical in both directions.
Special attention should be paid to the material of this harp - stainless steel. With this harpoon, you can safely go on trips in any weather (even the wettest), not worrying for its appearance and performance. Like any other dvuhyazychkovyj vargan - this is a huge, not plowed field for experiments.

Recommendations : continuing, professionals, experimenters

Artisan: Glazyrin Dmitry
Availability: Yes

Price: 4200,00 RUB