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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Russian vargan by Glasyrin - "Uran" (RVGU)

Place of manufacture: Snezhinsk

Length of the tongue: 76 mm
Hardness: soft, medium
Tones are available: B
Material: stainless steel
Set: Wargan (case can be purchased separately)

"Uranus" is beautiful, it immediately attracts attention with its unusual shape, inspired by sacred geometry - the eight-pointed star. Of course, this is not its only feature - the harp is very comfortable to hold in your hand, which allows you to tightly press the frame to the teeth without spending extra effort. And one more interesting detail: the upper beam forms an eyelet, allowing you to thread a cord into it, on which you can wear a harness not your neck.
The sound of the instrument is dense, saturated with medium and high overtones. Sufficiently long attenuation of the tongue oscillations.
It's quite undemanding to the accuracy of the fight, it responds well to articulation. Due to the average stiffness of the tongue, direct and reverse triplets are well obtained. Symmetric with a two-way combat. Convenient for playing at any tempo.
Both beginners and professionals will be happy with the tool.

Recommendations: for beginners, prospective, professionals


Artisan: Glazyrin Dmitry
Availability: Yes

Price: 3800,00 RUB