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Лавка. Russian Vargans. Russian vargan by Borisov - "Freya" (RVBF)

Place of manufacture: Russia
Length of the tongue: 85 mm
Hardness: Medium, Soft
Material: body - brass, tongue - steel
Set: vargan + wooden case (open)

A very beautiful, conscientious instrument with a lot of advantages - it's convenient to hold it in your hand, it has a good, loud sound, a pleasant range of overtones, located mainly in the middle and high frequency ranges, as well as unpretentiousness to quality and accuracy of the battle.
If you dwell on these qualities in more detail, then I want to note that the harp has a symmetrical sound in a two-sided fight, its tongue has such a degree of rigidity and is balanced so that it is convenient to play on a harp like an ox tri and loud pianos, and slow melody tunes. It is very convenient to play with double strokes and triplets, both direct and reverse.
The gaps are very accurate - the harp works well both in small and large volumes, beautifully sings in the throat, works great with articulation and breathing.
A nice addition is a beautiful case made of pear tree, carefully crafted and decorated with ornaments. Under the harpoon, a note of sound is written on the body of the case - D (Re) or D # (sharp).
If you are close acquainted, you want to have such a warband, or give it to a close friend, or recommend to a collector.

Recommendations: Beginners, Continuing, Professionals

Artisan: Borisov
Availability: Yes

Price: 6000,00 RUB