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Лавка. Archived Items. "Proton, small" russian vargan by Dyomin

Origin: Vladimir region

Reed length: 55 mm
Rigidity: Average, hard
Material: steel
Set: Vargan

Description: This is a fairly miniature mouth harp with a nice-hard reed, the vibrations of the instrument are well transmitted throughout the body.
The color of the overtones spectrum lies, for the most part, in the middle range. When playing on small volumes, high harmonics are added.
It's working with breathing and articulation, a rather rapidly falling sustain.
These peculiarities compensate well for the quality and accuracy of the beat, not the exactness of the harp - all attempts to provoke the grip on the frame failed.
Due to the tightness of the reed and the loyalty to the style of the play, it has to play at a fast and medium pace.
Surely you can say that this is one of the best vargans in its price category.

Recommendations: Beginner, Continuing.

Artisan: Dyomin Victor
Availability: No

Price: 500,00 RUB