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Лавка. Archived Items. Russian vargan by Masko (RVMas70bch)

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Place of manufacture: Ulyanovsk

Tongue length: 70 mm
Stiffness : medium, hard
Material: steel, brass, bronze
Set: Wargan + Magnet

Vargans of this model have undergone some changes in the design over time. The master was constantly working on improving the instrument and as a result the jigger was slightly more rounded, and the tongue was attached to the outer side of the deck.
And this is only purely external changes, which are first evident.
In fact, The sound of a harp, as a musical instrument, has also undergone a change: the Vargan has a wide and even spectrum of overtones in the middle and high ranges, good sustain.
By the quality of the work, by playability, by the unpretentiousness to the accuracy of the fight, by the sensitive work with breathing and art by volume and quality of sounding, this small harp can outrun many instruments that greatly exceed it in size and price.
The quality of the material and the quality of the instrument's processing are at a very high level.
There is a magnet with the harp , which is attached to the ring of the tongue, as a result of which we get two varganas, different in pitch.
It's nice to play both fast and slow gimmicks, and very tangible vibrations pleasantly massage the body.

Recommendations: Beginners, Continuing, Professionals

Availability: No

Price: 2400,00 RUB


pierfrancesco mucari, 09.05.2018 20:51:44
in the samples i ear Ab and Gb, do you have other tones.

The first sample, what kind of material it is?

The third?