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Лавка. Archived Items. "A1" russian vargan by Schipanov

Origin: Perm region, Russia

Reed length: 100 mm
Rigidity: average
Material: steel
Set: mouth harp

Description: The vargan is very beautiful - smooth polishing is brought to a mirror shine and each contour, plane or face is pleasant to the touch. Carefully calibrated gaps add a positive impression. It has a very tightly saturated, almost electronic sound, strong and powerful smoothly fading sustain allows you to interestingly beat articulation techniques. The responsiveness of the reed to breathing also pleases with its high sensitivity. The vargan has increased requirements for beat accuracy, but with a gradual acquaintance with it, you begin to get used to its features. The sound of the vargan is gradually mesmerizing and the careful practice of striking the reed is accompanied by sports excitement, and not a routine process. Beats sound symmetrically in a bilateral beat. Vargan is more disposed to slow play and middle-rate tunes. You can gradually accelerate, but this requires a fair amount of self-control and a long acquaintance with it.

Recomendations: continuing, professionals

Availability: No

Price: 8400,00 RUB